We are a volunteer and not-for-profit organization that’s just getting started. In time, we’ll consider formalizing our structures. The project is now, and will remain to be, led by public education teachers. The project will remain not-for-profit and independent.

Full and transparent disclosure of the project’s finances will be provided on an annual basis, and when our structures are formalized such disclosure will comply with any requirements for a not-for-project society in British Columbia. Regardless of our legal (formal or informal) structure at the time, the first disclosure will be provided on or before July 1, 2020.

Funds raised at events and programs pay for travel costs, facility costs, other direct costs to hold an event, and for honorarium payments for public education teachers, or other community members, who are presenting or facilitating at an event organized by the project. (Payments are approximate to a category 5, step 5 public education teacher per-diem in the location of the event – for either a full or half day, depending on the length of presentation or forum.)

In general, only public education teachers are invited to speak on the professional viewpoints of the teaching profession at forums and other events organized by the project. The viewpoints of other professionals and community members are also valued and are therefore recognized with the same level of honorarium payment as is provided for public education teachers when they are invited to share their viewpoints or expertise at a forum or other event.

The organization is co-ordinated on a volunteer basis.