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Our purpose and vision is described on the home page.

Tom Kertes is the volunteer organizer of the project.

Tom is a middle school teacher in the North Coast region of BC, in the territory of the Gispaxlo’ots and Gits’iis of the Ts’msyen Nation (Prince Rupert, BC). He teaches Grade 7 and Drama 8. Before Tom started teaching in 2015, he was an AIDS activist in the 1990s and a community organizer in the poor people’s movement to end poverty in the 2000s. He helped organize day labourers in Baltimore, working with the United Workers Association and the University of the Poor’s School of Labor. He also helped organize early childhood educators in Vancouver, working with the Liberation Learning Project, the Child Care Equity Campaign, and the BCGEU.

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Tom Kertes

Social Media

The Critical Education Project is building alternatives to the disconnection and miscommunication caused by these platforms. That’s why we don’t use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

There’s a better way to connect and communicate without relying on “social media” platforms. Our original focus was on bringing people together through face-to-face potlucks, forums, and learning circles. These were to be aimed at inviting dialogue through discussion and the written or spoken word – sharing skills, ideas, and resources through workshops, conferences, and publications.

But given COVID-19, we are trying an unexpected experiment to see if face-to-face connections and networking can be done on Zoom. This experiment may open a door to building regional connections – at a fraction of the cost (in time and money).

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