We are a volunteer and not-for-profit network for teachers.

The project is led by teachers for teachers and is not-for-profit, independent, and focused on directly supporting schools and teachers in the North Coast and Skeena regions of Northern British Columbia. The project’s work is done in the territories of the Gitxsan, Haida, Haisla, Nisga’a, Tagish, Tahltan, Ts’msyen, and Wet’suwet’en Nations.

Workshop, forum, inquiry circle, and conference fees are charged on a cost-recovery basis for a given event or program, meaning that we charge only what it costs to break even.

If there is a surplus for a given event, these funds are donated to the local teachers’ union professional development account (for the school or district where the event was held) or, if there is not a teachers’ union in that location (i.e. at a community with a non-unionized First Nations, Band, or independent school), to the local youth centre.

Workshop facilitators are not paid but are reimbursed for actual costs (such as for travel, release/coverage, and other related expenses). The amount of reimbursement is fully disclosed for each event or program (below).

Full disclosure of the project’s income and expenses will be provided on this page for each workshop, conference, event, or program.

The network is co-ordinated on a volunteer basis by Tom Kertes (read his bio here).

Event Financial Disclosure Sheets Are Posted Below: